Hands off! Queen has secret box of chocolates so no one eats them

Second cousin of the Queen, Lady Pamela Hicks, shared the fun fact during a one-off documentary called “My Years With The Queen”, which will air on April 1. In her first television appearance, Lady Hicks talked about her close relationship with the Queen and her life growing up alongside the Royal Family.

The documentary uncovered many fascinating stories about the Queen including claims she is forced to carry around her own private box of chocolate snacks so no one else eats them.

Speaking about the documentary, India Hicks, daughter of Lady Pamela said: “I loved the one about the Queen always taking her own box of chocolates when she visits places as otherwise everyone else would eat them.”

There is already speculation from fans about who the Queen was forced to hide the chocolates from, with The Sun reporting it was to keep them out of the hands of aides and staff.

Ms Hicks added: “I laughed at the fact that the Queen’s dress had its own cabin on the Commonwealth tour that was much bigger than my mother’s.

“As you can imagine, she was rather jealous.”

Lady Pamela is the great-great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria and cousin to Prince Philip and served as the Queen’s Lady in Waiting.

In a trailer for the documentary, Lady Pamela shares her take on the Queen’s coronation.

Speaking about the consecration, she said: “They take all these grand robes off, and she’s just left with this white underdress.

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The documentary will air between 9 and 10pm on ITV on April 1.

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