Hairdressers told to keep services 'basic' as salons gear up to reopen – 'this is crazy'

Hairdressers have been closed for several months due to the pandemic and ahead of reopening on Monday, there are strict rules that the government has set out for salons to follow. This includes hairstylists considering only offering “basic” treatments to avoid contact for too long.

This means that “long” or “complex” services such as highlights or braiding might be off the cards for many people. 

It could also mean lengthy massages at beauty salons may not be available. 

The guidance adds that when doing longer treatments like braiding, which takes several hours, workers should “consider how the length of the appointment could be minimised”.

People across the country including MP’s have responded to the rules with one person saying that customers should be allowed to get whatever they want.

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One person took to Twitter and said: “This is crazy, my hair looks awful and I want to feel good again.”

Another wrote: “Salons have been closed for four months and we have to get basic treatments? We should be allowed what we want, we wear a mask!”

Judith Cummins, the Labour MP who co-chairs Parliament’s group on beauty, aesthetics and wellbeing, told The Telegraph: “It’s very difficult to make a living if you’re given guidance that is very wooly and very unclear.

“What’s a short appointment, and what’s the medium appointment, and what’s a long appointment?

Screens and barriers should also be used to separate clients as well as working from the back (behind the client), or the side, regularly circling the client.

The government guidance added: “Steps should be taken to mitigate the increased risk of virus transmission associated with aerosol production from raised voices, such as when speaking loudly or singing loudly, particularly in confined or poorly ventilated spaces.

“This should include lowering the volume of background music and discouraging people from raising their voices or shouting.

“Appointments should be limited to take account of social distancing; customers should be asked on arrival if they have any Covid-19 symptoms and encouraged to use hand sanitiser when entering the salon.

“A one-way system should be used where premises are large enough, along with queue management.”

Salons can provide hot or cold drinks in disposable cups to customers but masks should only be removed when consuming the beverage, making sure to be two metres away from anyone else in the salon.

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