Greg Davies addresses 'contentious decision' on Taskmaster after fans get 'cross'


Taskmaster’s Greg Davies may come across to most as an imposing figure, but truth be told, he’s soft at heart. He has long been known for his “mean” persona, something which stuck with him since his debut as headteacher Mr Gilbert in the Channel 4 hit comedy The Inbetweeners. But the host revealed there are times on the quiz show where he has been left “stressed” and apprehensive about making certain scoring decisions for fear of fans getting “cross” with him, which has happened on a few occasions.

In fact, there was one time where he passed the responsibility over to his co-host Alex Horne, and left him to deal with the certain backlash.

The game show sets a series of stupefying tasks to a group of comedians, but with encouraging creativity, competitiveness runs rife.

And in a joint interview, the pair admitted there have been instances where players have disagreed with and challenged Greg’s scoring, something which makes them both a little uneasy.

Greg said: “In the most recent series we filmed, there was one contentious decision that had to be made, and for the first time ever, I handed it over to Alex because I wanted him to taste the pressure of what it’s like to have to make those decisions.”

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“Very rarely do people get genuinely angry, but there’s certainly been more than two occasions where people were genuinely cross with me!”

Alex agreed: “Two things happen a lot, which is Greg writing down on his card and showing me, ‘I think I got that wrong’ immediately after, or writing down on his card, ‘That person’s really cross with me.'”

And he may laugh it off when everything is done and dusted in the studio, but with the pressure of the bright lights and under the watchful stare of their contestants, the former Inbetweeners actor admits making a controversial choice “stresses” him out.

“I’m genuinely stressed if there’s a contentious decision, and I have to make the right call, or I feel that I’ve made the wrong call,” Greg said.

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“While I’m in the studio, I really do beat myself up about it.”

Not as Mr Gilbert like as some may have imagined!

But with this persona sticking to him like glue, Greg brushed off the fact people think he has “genuine authority” in life, he referred to himself as “shambolic”.

Alex however, noted how his co-host’s attitude towards him has significantly changed since they filmed the pilot episode for the show.

You probably started off being quite nice to me. That’s completely flipped,” he laughed, before pointing out their unlikely friendship might not have been, if it wasn’t for the Channel 4 show.

“I’m just so full of bluster compared to Alex,” Greg continued to tell Radio Times.

“He’s a real doer, yet I think I’m a bit of a foghorn by comparison.

“It’s an unlikely friendship.”

Greg and Alex’s interview is available to read now in Radio Times.


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