Gen. Jack Keane on COVID coming from a Wuhan lab: 'I accept that conclusion'

Fox News Senior Strategic Analyst Gen. Jack Keane joined “Fox News Primetime” to discuss the origin of COVID-19, saying he “accepts [the] conclusion on the face of it” that the virus may have originated in a Wuhan lab.

GEN. JACK KEANE: We have had the Trump Administration for some time, and particularly Secretary Pompeo, conveying to the American public that the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming that likely the originator of the so-called coronavirus originated in a Wuhan laboratory. And the Wuhan laboratory is one of 75 that we know, that, that, what takes place in that laboratory is also the development of biotechnical weapons, and also the potential from animal to human transfer of viruses.

So, certainly what the evidence is supporting, is that some kind of accident took place there in a transfer to likely a human being working in that laboratory. And people have been speculating about that for some time, and now we have someone in the scientific community who has also seen this evidence who has come to the same conclusion, and I accept that conclusion on the face of it given who he is and what he represents.


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