Galaxy Watch 3 is seriously expensive, but Samsung is trying to soften the blow


Along with health, another big change is more digital watch faces – over 40, in fact – with Samsung working hard to try and make its tech timepiece look more like an actual watch. And gesture controls have also been added so you can stop the device ringing in the middle of a meeting by placing your hand over the screen, which should prove handy.

These updates sound impressive but all of this tech does come at a price.

The smaller 41mm model now starts from £399 with the bigger 45mm version costing £419. That already sounds pretty pricey but it’s made even worse when you compare the Galaxy Watch 2 with these prices.

You can still buy the 46mm Galaxy Watch 2 for just £279 which is quite a difference when compared to the latest model. Thankfully, Samsung seems to be aware that its new pricing could put fans off this worthwhile smartwatch upgrade, so it’s trying to soften the blow with a free gift.


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