Fury as men pop Prosecco outside Buckingham Palace to 'celebrate' Prince Philip's death

Two men have sparked outrage after they were caught preparing to pop open a bottle of Prosecco outside Buckingham Palace. In a clip shared online, the two men can be seen waiting on bicycles outside the gates of Buckingham Palace with bottles of Prosecco in hand. When confronted, one of the men can be heard saying they were there to “celebrate” the death of Prince Philip.

Mourners can be seen in the background laying flowers in tribute to the 99-year-old Duke. 

The Duke of Edinburgh’s tragic passing was announced by Buckingham Palace at midday as the Union Flag was lowered to half-mast outside the royal residence in London.

The two men were confronted by GB News political correspondent Tom Harwood and conservative blogger Mahyar Tousi.

Tom Harwood tweeted a video of the pair, adding: “Two prats nervously pose with Prosecco.”

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He added: “As these two started to open their Prosecco bottles – presumably intending to pop them over the crowd – I walked over.

“They decided to stop opening their bottles and moved on. Wise.”

In the video filmed by Mr Harwood, one of the men can be seen posing for photographs as his companion takes photos on his phone.

Mr Harwood then approaches the men, who are called out of being “disrespectful” to the Duke of Edinburgh.

He later added: “Attention seekers have now left with their champagne bottles after being approached by me and Tom Harwood.”

One wrote: “Wow vile… not a royalist or a lover of Prince Phillip but this is just wrong so disrespectful… what a sad world this is turning into.”

Another added: “Let’s get those flags on every building we can and fly half mast for Prince Philip.

“He earned respect not like these two idiots with a cheap shot. They could learn a thing or two from HRH.”

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