Four in a Bed couple slammed for £149 underpayment ‘Daylight robbery’

Unhappy viewers took to social media after the episode where they criticised Hannah and Ibrahim’s underpayment.

One viewer tweeted: “Ibrahim and Hannah are the definition of daylight robbery.”

Another tweeted: “£25 deduction because like Hannah and Ibrahim ‘the room is not worth it’. That’s not a justifiable reason.”

A third added: “Lol no Hannah and Ibrahim £40?!

A fourth said: “Yes, I agree. Hannah and Ibrahim are obviously picky so suspect will underpay.”(sic)

“Hannah and Ibrahim will probably underpay by 50% and refuse to return again,” a fifth penned.

While another wrote: “How much will Hannah and Ibrahim underpay this place?”

Other viewers were loving the couple’s abrupt approach to their feedback, as one tweeted: “Ibrahim and Hannah are so salty… It’s great.”

Four in a Bed is available to watch on All4.

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