Ford urgently updates security advice after supermarket key fob incident

Ford said owners should follow the new walkaround solution if they think the signal between their car fob and door is being tampered with. The walkaround can indicate where a divide is located and block its possible damage with immediate effect.

They said: “Ford Motor Company takes vehicle security seriously and continuously invests in technology to deter theft of, and from, our vehicles.

“A growing issue for the industry is the availability of security tools, which should be confined to dealerships and other specialists, being on uncontrolled public sale.

Ford’s new security warnings come after police received calls for members of the public who have been unable to get access to their vehicles at a supermarket in Royston.

Hertfordshire Police warned there seems to be an issue in the area with fobs not working properly and an investigation is underway.

Owners have also been advised to not leave their key free fobs just inside their front doors.

This could be in a close enough range of a car parked outside for criminals to tap into to gain access.

They warn drivers should store their keys further away in a suitable mental box or a shielded pouch which is available from Ford dealers.

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