EU's 'toxic' handling of coronavirus exposed by Frexit campaigner: 'It's useless!'


At the end of July, EU leaders finally struck a deal on a huge coronavirus recovery package after a fourth night of sometimes bitter talks. The €750billion (£677billion) coronavirus fund will be used as loans and grants to the countries hit hardest by the virus, such as Italy and Spain. The remaining money represents the EU budget for the next seven years.

However, despite the unprecedented package, there are still doubts that the measure will quash anti-EU feelings completely, and put an end to political risks in the region.

According to French politician and Frexit campaigner Charles-Henri Gallois, people across Europe have realised how “toxic” the bloc is during this crisis.

He told “With this virus, many people have now understood there is not such a thing as European solidarity.

“When you have a problem, everyone comes back to the nation first.

“There were countries stealing PPE from one another at the beginning. That’s outrageous.

“COVID has been a demonstration of what the EU really is: totally absent, toxic and even useless.”

Mr Gallois also hit out at the EU’s recovery fund, as he argued it will be “truly catastrophic” for France.

He said: “We will basically end up paying so much more than what we receive.

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He noted: “I can understand why Germany is willing to pay a bit more.

“They have an interest in keeping the Common Market.

“It is beneficial for them.

“But for France and Italy… it makes no sense.

“Italy has more return for this recovery fund, but for the budget, it is the same thing.

“They also pay much more than what they receive.”

When asked what the EU should have done instead, Mr Gallois claimed individual member states should have come up with their own recovery plans.


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