EU leaders admit AstraZeneca jab 'very efficient' amid Covid vaccine rollout chaos

Germany has also backtracked on their initial ruling on AstraZeneca, now approving the vaccine for over-65s.

Chancellor Angela Merkel had called on the country’s independent vaccine committee to change course due to new data from a Scottish government study, which showed AstraZeneca’s jab reduced the risk of COVID-19 related hospitalisation by 94 percent after the first dose.

Jens Spahn, the country’s health minister, said: “This is good news for any elderly person waiting to be vaccinated. They can now be vaccinated faster.”

As of Monday, Germany had only been able to administer 514,000 of the 3.2m jabs delivered by AstraZeneca.

Germany has reached 6,813,173 doses of vaccine administered, according to Our World in Data.

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