England stars fired blunt warning by Gareth Southgate ahead of Euro 2020 squad selection

“You had a pretty abrupt, brief dialogue and as a team, you pretty much cottoned on to that.”

Southgate was helping to launch the Nationwide Mutual Respect Award which aims to help make grassroots football more respectful and positive.

Together, the Nationwide and the FA have pledged to ensure that one million parents and coaches engage with The FA Respect campaign over the next three years.

The new award recognising outstanding contributions, achievements and behaviour in grassroots football across the country by young players under the age of 18, coaches, teams, parents and referees.

Southgate fears old habits can be hard to shake – but hopes that the unique world situation at the moment might help the message finally to sink in.

“When we started the pandemic, everyone was helping their neighbour and doing their shopping and slowly, you have to be careful you don’t fall into the old habits,” Southgate said.

“It is a bit like a New Year’s resolution. We all start with good intentions so it is how we keep those things going.

“We definitely should have a better perspective on life as a generation.

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