EastEnders spoilers: Sonia heartbroken as father Terry turns criminal on arrival?

In scenes due to air next week, Bernie tells Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) all about her date with Molly which is when they overhear Stuart and Rainie chatting about trying to find a surrogate again.

Soon after, Karen gets a worrying phone call from someone who wants the money she owes them, leaving her in a panic.

Karen and Bernie rush home only to find that someone has completely trashed their living room.

Not only did they leave the place looking like a tip but they also left a threatening message to Karen to pay up.

Mitch (Roger Griffiths) realises it is loan sharks, which is when Karen toys with the idea of becoming Rainie’s surrogate.

After all, it would certainly solve all her money problems.

EastEnders is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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