Drivers hit back at elderly road restriction plans – 'stop attacking the older generation'

Some campaigners are pushing for older drivers to be subjected to annual or bi-annual medical checks to ensure they are safe on the road. One proposal would send the results of medical checks to the DVLA to make sure drivers with severe medical conditions are picked up before getting behind the wheel.

They said: “Any advanced driver, as I am, will tell you reactionary drivers cause accidents.

“Those who plan and read the road ahead, at speeds to suit conditions, rarely need to swerve or react needlessly.

“I’ve driven over a million miles, causing or having no accidents. I’m 67 and trust my doctor and optician to tell me if I am no longer fit to drive.”

However, another road user warned securing regular medical checks could be an issue for many drivers.

The rules would also introduce a strict 20 to 30 mile distance limit from a driver’s home, making it impossible to drive to a holiday destination or visit friends and family.

Telematics black box tools would also be installed in vehicles as a form of tracking device to ensure drivers stick to the rules.

The black box could also be used to monitor drivers’ ability behind the wheel with any concerning reports further analysed.

One road user warned applying restrictions onto older drivers would be a “massive vote loser”.

Meanwhile, another road user suggested roadside checks on drivers would be “far more effective” than blanket restrictions.

They said: “Roadside drug and alcohol tests would be far more effective. They can be easily set up just like traffic census points.”

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