Dozens of drivers break down after being sold ‘contaminated’ fuel by Morrisons

Drivers were sold the “watery orange” fuel which “looked like tea” at a Morrisons petrol station, which has now been closed as an investigation takes place. Those impacted by the error have been left with damaged cars and huge costs to pay to get them repaired because of the incident on May 11.

Around 30 vehicles were affected, with some of the car owners waiting for up to seven hours to have their tanks drained.

Many of the vehicles now face being written off or costing thousands to fix because of the damage believed to have been caused by the petrol.

Alaa Hassam, a school teacher who was left waiting for several hours at the station, said: “I think I put £10 to £15 in, just enough to get me to work the next day. When I went into the shop to pay there were two angry men speaking to the cashier.

“One said he had put petrol in his car and now it wasn’t working, but the cashier said it must be the car because there was nothing wrong with the fuel.

“I left the shop and started my car which worked fine, maybe because it still had some of the old fuel in.

“But I came to a hill on the road behind the Morrisons when the car suddenly came to a stop.

“I ended up in between a bus lane and the normal lane. All of the lights on the dashboard were flashing and the steering wheel had jammed.”

Ms Hassam added that when she returned to the Morrisons to have the dirty fuel removed, the staff would not speak to the impacted drivers.

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According to Ms Hassam, Morrisons have not offered any compensation and have told the motorists to claim their money back through insurance.

A spokeswoman for Morrisons said: “We are really sorry for the disruption caused to customers.

“A contractor completing maintenance work on our tanks accidentaly transferred some contaminated product into a live tank.

“We reacted immediately and shut off the pumps – we are currently investigating what caused the issue.

“Any customers who were unfortunately impacted should take any receipts to the customer service desk at the store and they will help them.”

Morrisons have been contacted for comment.

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