Dominic Raab hails UK backed AstraZeneca's 'huge boom' globally despite India Covid crisis

Speaking to the BBC’s Andrew Marr show this morning Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab stressed the importance of the UK’s contribution to the global coronavirus response. He praised the work of the country in investing in AstraZeneca research and development and went on to stress how much work the UK has done for the global COVAX initiative.

Responding to a question on how the UK can help India tackle it’s soaring covid crisis, Mr Raab outlined the help Britain has already given.

The Foreign Secretary said: “We’ve provided the oxygen concentrators, ventilators, oxygen generators.

“In terms of vaccines they have their contracted supply, I haven’t had a request on that specifically.

But Raab then went on to praise the work British scientists have made in developing a vaccine.

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In a glowing review, Mr Raab said: “What we are doing is obviously we’ve invested in AstraZeneca, the research has provided a huge boom to the world because you have a safe reliable vaccine which is globally in demand.

Mr Raab also praised UK efforts through COVAX, saying: “We have also secured a billion doses via COVAX which is the international global mechanism for getting the vaccines to the poorest and most vulnerable

“That’s a billion doses the UK has secured!”

Raab hit home: “We’ve shown our leadership on the world stage with that.”

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Raab hit back at Ridge saying the UK had achieved a lot with helping less fortunate countries during the pandemic.

He said: “On everything from the billion doses we’ve secured for the poorest countries around the world to the fact that we invested in the R&D (research and development) that produced the AstraZeneca vaccine which is now helping so many countries come through the pandemic.

“I think we’ve had an incredible impact!”

The Foreign Secretary went on to say: “When I speak to Dr Tedros (Adhanom) at the World Health Organisation or the UN Secretary General, I spoke to both of them in person this week, they’ve got nothing but praise for the huge impact and the leadership that we are taking!”

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