DOJ: More than 300 charged with crimes committed 'under the guise' of peaceful demonstrations since late-May


EXCLUSIVE — The Justice Department announced Thursday it has charged more than 300 people with crimes committed “under the guise” of peaceful demonstrations since the end of May.

Those crimes have included attempted murder, assaulting a law enforcement officer, arson and damaging federal property.

Approximately 80 people have been charged with crimes associated with arson and explosives. Another 15 have been charged with damaging federal property, according to the DOJ.

Roughly 35 have been charged with assaulting a law enforcement officer. All but one of those alleged crimes took place in Oregon, the other in Massachusetts.

Another 30 people have been charged with offenses related to civil disorder.

This is a developing story; check back for updates. Fox News’ Jake Gibson contributed to this report.


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