Dog’s devastating reaction to being put on a diet- ‘That noise broke my heart’

Toby the Boston Terrier has attracted millions of fans after a sweet video of him went viral on TikTok. In the video, Toby can be seen eagerly waiting by his bowl ready to be fed, but his owner pretends to put him on a diet and puts a measly amount of dog food in front of him.

Toby looks down at the bowl, lets out a sad yelp and points to the bowl as if he is asking for more.

The adorable video was posted by @tobythegentleman and is captioned: “His reaction made me sad.” It has been viewed more than 35 million times and has thousands of comments.

One viewer said: “You gotta give him more, he is so cute,” and another replied: “Give him the rest and extra now.”

And it seems many were in agreement at just how sad it was, especially the noise Toby makes at the end of the video.

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Participants are required to be aged 18 to 60 and have no underlying health conditions which may affect their heart rate including high blood pressure or arrhythmia.

Applicants should use social media, have access to a device where they can use the internet and ideally have a desk-based job where they won’t be doing manual work or activities that may increase their heart rate.

ProDog Raw will be picking 10 successful candidates by mid-April, conducting the study at the beginning of May.

You can apply for the role here.

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