DIY life hacks: The 31 best tips to try at home to save you time and money

DIY is often much cheaper than hiring a professional to do your renovation work for you, but it can be very time consuming and still expensive – unless you know how to cut corners. chatted to DIY and upcycling expert for ITV’s This Morning, Georgina Burnett (also known as The Home Genie), to find out her to 31 DIY tricks to save you time and money.

The 10 best tips to try at home to save you time and money

  • Put an elastic band over your paint tin to stop overloading your brush
  • Use a crisp packet sellotaped to the wall to catch dust when drilling a hole
  • Line a paint tray with a plastic bag to save washing up
  • Use a rubber band to remove stripped screws
  • Use a magnet to find nails, studs and pipework in walls so you don’t drill/screw into them. If the magnet sticks to the wall, leave that spot alone!
  • To put up a shelf straight, use masking tape to template it first by sticking it to the back of the shelf and marking where the screws will go. Then using a spirit level stick that tape to the wall and drill holes where the marks are.

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