Dick Strawbridge speaks out on being ‘exasperated with Angel’s ideas’ for Chateau

The husband and wife duo also spoke about the worst job they had to take on when transforming the Chateau. 

Probably clearing the bird droppings from the attic – it wasn’t the smell it was the very fine dust,” they revealed. “And of course, we did it in the summer when it was extremely hot! 

“Reckon we’d make it a winter job if we did it again.” 

With so much to do, and a lot of ambition to see their ideas come to live, what motivates Dick and Angel?  

“We love that we’ve brought the chateau back to life!” They explained. “Yes, there are challenges and a project like this is a marathon not a sprint, but we are doing it for the family and that is more than enough motivation.” 

Millions tune into every series of Escape to the Chateau and many have been inspired to try up-turning their lives and following their own dreams. 

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