Denise Welch fell victim to bank scam as Loose Women star brands herself 'pathetic'

“I was worried, they said people had been accessing my account and taking money out of it, and this sounds so naive but because they were so clever and manipulative, and they did it over a couple of days, they asked me for my PIN number and I gave it to them.”

Denise, who is mum to The 1975 frontman Matty Healy, continued: “When I told Lincoln his head nearly exploded, and I said, ‘I know it’s totally ridiculous’, and they had already taken the money, but it’s because they were playing the long game.

“But since then, I have been more savvy.”

Denise also stated that her father, Vin, is a “friendly, gregarious person” who is often taken in by scammers when they’re pleasant towards him.

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