Debbie McGee slammed by Paul Daniels' son amid 'reconciliation' 'First I've heard of it'

Debbie McGee, 62, has been accused of conjuring up a reconciliation with estranged stepson Paul Daniels Jnr, after the latter said the Strictly Come Dancing star “does not” have a way of contacting him for such an event to occur. The wife of the late famed magician Paul Daniels has been blasted by his son for claiming they have healed their inheritance feud.

Paul Daniels Jr made the claim just days before the fifth anniversary of his father’s death.

Debbie had recently said “everything is fine” between the pair now, as she had planned to invite him to scatter the ashes of the TV magician near her Berkshire estate.

Paul raged: “First I’ve heard of it. She doesn’t have my phone number, email or address so how is she going to invite me?

“It’s just more of, ‘Look how nice I am’, “ he added to The Mirror.

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Paul Jnr has claimed the former ballerina and Strictly Come Dancing star did not give him a penny of his dad’s £1.5million estate.

In the past, he has called her a number of unsavoury names in a tell-all interview with The Sun.

However, Debbie said that the pair had since made up and planned to meet up soon in tribute to her late husband.

The Strictly Come Dancing star shared: “I’m planning to scatter some of Paul’s ashes near here because he loved the water and I would like to get a plot in the local church.

Debbie continued: “Of course what he said was hurtful so soon after his dad died, but I don’t hold grudges.

“He was obviously in extreme grief as well and took it out on me, but everything is good now.”

Paul Jnr first hit out at Debbie in October 2016, seven months after his dad, 77, died of a brain tumour.

At the time he accused his stepmother of leaving him jobless after she shut down The Paul Daniels Magic Party Shop in Wigan which he operated after it was left to him in Paul’s will.

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