Davina McCall, 53, wows fans as she shows off washboard abs in tiny white bikini

Previously she has released 14 exercise DVDs and has now created her own online fitness platform, Own Your Goals.

An app accompanies the site, which offers users a number of functions, such as hundreds of workout routines, live fitness sessions, healthy recipe ideas and wellbeing advice.

Speaking about the launch, Davina told Daily Mail: “Lockdown was so so hard we really wanted to make OYG available to as many people as possible, and super easy to access… 

“Our app is the next step in OYG’s evolution. I wanted to put OYG in your pocket so you can get fit on the go. Literally anywhere. 

“And, this is a biggie for many of our users, makes it super easy to stream on your telly! You are going to love it.”

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