Dan Walker quits as BBC Football Focus presenter after 12 years

Chris replied: “Big shoes to fill. Congratulations on everything you have achieved with the show.

“I will never not buzz off watching you film Fa cup opening scenes as you walk the entire ground, meet every staff member, notable fan, tea lady and make it all look so relaxed and exciting.”

Another fan posted: “I’m not the biggest footy fan in the world but always end up watching football focus – and enjoying it – with you Dan. I think I even understand the off-side rule now! Good luck with the new stuff and carry-on couching with @louiseminchin please.”

A third added: “That’s a shame Dan, as I think I those 12 years you’ve made the shown your own. That said, life moves on, and I for one would love to see @AlexScott get the chance to host. Best wishes.”

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