Covid crisis: India warned country is 'yet to see the worst' of pandemic amid virus surge

India is in the grips of a catastrophic health emergency as the country’s help system crumbles under the pressure as more and more people require treatment for coronavirus. Health authorities have recorded 400,000 cases of the virus in a single day. With the number of deaths rising people have been forced to queue for days outside hospitals that are full to capacity. However, Gora Das from The Hope Foundation has warned the worst may still be to come.

Speaking from the city of Kolkota, Mr Das told LBC: “We have forty beds specifically for Covid patients all are full.

“There are other patients waiting for some beds to be vacated all our medical staff and health workers are working overtime.

“More than 12 hours a day, I think we are yet to see the peak in West Bengal or Kolkota.”

host Maajid Nawaz asked why India, an exporter of vaccines, was unable to source enough doses to vaccine the population.

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Mr Das replied: “See the main thing is the massive volume.

“It is the population and then the logistics.

“Another big thing because on average we are doing 2.9 to 3 million people a day.

“So they have vaccinated around 155 million people.”

Announcing the aid flight, President Joe Biden said: “Just as India sent assistance to the United States as our hospitals were strained early in the pandemic, we are determined to help India in its time of need.”

White House deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre promised further aid would be sent after she announced the first aid flights on Wednesday.

She said: “The first of two assistance flights left the US for India at around 8pm and midnight last night, which was April 28. The planes carried the first tranche of assistance, which includes oxygen cylinders, rapid diagnostic tests and N95 masks to protect frontline workers.

“Additional flights carrying the remaining assistance, including oxygen generators and concentrators are scheduled to depart in the upcoming days.”

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