Coronavirus beachgoers attacked over 'complete selfishness' amid pandemic – Express poll


Pictures emerged today of beaches in Dorset packed full of tourists despite the Government’s advice on social distancing. In light of the high number of people heading to the beach, asked readers today, “Do you feel safe visiting beaches in 36C Britain today despite coronavirus?” Voting on the poll, 1,695 (80 percent) out of 2,141 insisted they didn’t feel safe visiting the beaches at the moment.

In addition, 426 stated they would feel safe while just 20 weren’t sure.

Commenting on the poll, one person said: “I live less than a 10-minute walk to the beach but there is no way I am going anywhere near it. Crazy people!”

A second person said: “Complete selfishness.”

A third said: “It’s not a matter of ‘feeling safe’, is it.

“It’s about not wanting to help spread the virus, wanting to reduce the number of infections.”

A fourth said: “I don’t even feel safe where I live.”

Due to the high volume of people descending on Bournemouth beach today, the local council issued a red alert emergency.

The warning states social distancing is now impossible to maintain due to the large number of people.

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“The BCP Council’s Beach App is also updated regularly in real time by seafront rangers who are constantly monitoring numbers on the ground.

“If a section or several sections of the beach are coded in red, this means that social distancing is not possible.

“Our advice to visitors would be to avoid these areas, turn away and come back another day when it less busy, checking the app that morning.’’

Today, the UK reported 55 new deaths according to the Department for Health and Social Care.

Of those 55, 54 were in England while just one was recorded in Wales.

The total number of deaths now stands at 46,566 deaths in all settings.

A further 758 cases were also reported taking the total to 309,763 cases.


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