Cobra Kai: Is Mr Miyagi in the Cobra Kai series?


Macchio said Daniel longed for the wisdom previously bestowed to him by Miyagi.

He said of his character’s story arc in Cobra Kai: “It was important that [Mr Miyagi] was infused in adult Daniel’s journey, as well as in what he hands down to his kids.”

Along with archive footage from The Karate Kid movies, viewers can see scenes where Daniel is teaching kids martial arts in a montage with Mr Miyagi’s unique tutelage techniques involving household chores.

Macchio admitted to the Guardian how the sequence proved to be an emotional watch for him.

He said while filming on Cobra Kai, he always thought back to his rehearsals on The Karate Kid with Morita.

Cobra Kai is already proving popular with viewers and Netflix has given the show the greenlight for season three.

Just when the next series come out is not clear, but Cobra Kai has certainly reinvented The Karate Kid franchise for a new generation.

Cobra Kai seasons 1 & 2 are streaming on Netflix now


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