Cleaning: Expert shares how often you should be washing your towels and bathmats

The bathroom is the second most used room in the house after the kitchen which means it’s likely to be home to a lot of bacteria. The room’s damp, warm environment is the perfect home for germs so it’s important to clean certain items regularly. have shared their tips along with advice from cleaning expert Henry Paterson, Senior Operations Executive at Housekeep to share how often we should be cleaning and replacing towels, bath mats and shower curtains.


Everyone uses a towel on a daily basis, whether it’s to dry your hair or your hands.

Although towels may look clean, Mr Paterson recommended washing your towels after every three uses and replacing them every one to three years.

The cleaning expert said towels should be hung up in a “non-humid environment” after they’re used.

He added: “Hang them over a radiator or a towel rack, and definitely don’t leave them in a heap on the floor!”

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They should be washed every three to seven days and replaced every two years.

Bathmats with a rubber backing should be sprayed every week with white vinegar and then washed in cold water every three to four weeks.

Washing them regularly will ensure there is not a build-up of bacteria.

Shower curtain

Shower curtains should be washed every month and replaced every six months.

Other bathroom items that need to be washed regularly include shower heads, loofahs and toilet brushes.

All these items need to be washed every week to prevent bacteria buildup.

Metal shower heads are also more “resilient” to germs compared to plastic ones, according to Drench.

The best way to clean a shower head is by putting a plastic bag or sandwich bag filled with white vinegar over the shower head using an elastic band.

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