China war threats rocket: Taiwan warned 'absolutely credible' Xi Jinping will try takeover

Director of the Defence and Strategy Policy institute, Michael Shoebridge, warned of a violent conflict between China and Taiwan. Whiles speaking on Sky News Australia with Andrew Bolt, Mr Shoebridge insisted it was “absolutely credible” China will attack the nation. Mr Bolt asked what can be done to prevent this while warning it would likely descend into a bloody conflict.

Mr Bolt said: “If China did invade, even taking the world reaction out of the equation, it is going to be very bloody.

Mr Shoebridge replied: “It is something the Chinese Government has been designing and building the People’s Liberation Army to do.

“If you wanted to know what is the first priority that Xi Jinping has for his military it is to have the military capability to take Taiwan by force.

“I think that is the first thing to bear in mind.

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“Secondly, Xi Jinping has publicly said solving Taiwan and unifying it with the mainland is not a problem that can be passed on to the next generation.

“It is a problem that the current generation, i.e during his term of leadership, must solve.

“It is absolutely credible that China could do this but there are things that we can do to deter them.”

Mr Bolt questioned how much support concerned nations should give and at what level should they intervene as well as what would result in war between China and Taiwan.

“So China steps it up, let us say it cripples Taiwan with massive cyberattacks, knocks out its electricity, its trains, is there a war then?”

Mr Shoebridge replied: “I think Australia is not going to have a primary part in any conflict around or over Taiwan itself.

“If the conflict escalates beyond that, then Australia would be a part of that broader conflict.

“Before then it really is about deterrents, that is political engagements with Taiwan not just by Australia but other countries.”

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