China 'on the defensive' to maintain global role amid international alliance on sanctions

China expert Robert Daly of the Washington-based Kissinger Institute on China and the US argued these sanctions imposed on China by western nations won’t have much of a short term impact. While speaking on CNBC with host Courtney Reagan, he added the sanctions could prove effective in the long-term, however. He claimed China will become defensive over the long-term as it makes it harder for the nation to deny its illiberal treatment of its citizens.

Ms Reagan said: “If the end game of the sanctions is the West getting China to start treating the Uighur people better, to treat them like other Chinese citizens, how likely is that to happen?”

Mr Daly replied: “I think it is extremely unlikely to happen.

“You just heard a Chinese spokesperson on your previous report say that these kinds of attacks on China, the way Beijing describes it, are supported by the Chinese people.

“This causes them to dig in.

“This is unlikely to change China’s behaviour towards the Uighurs in the short-term.

“What it does do is, in the longterm, puts China on the defensive, in terms of the global values competition.

“China is competing with the US, the West and other countries to reshape global order and global systems.

“These are founded in values so this is a contestation of values, it makes it harder for China to argue it isn’t behaving illiberally when coalitions of countries are regularly are critiquing its own record.

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The sanctions on four Chinese officials come as the UK, EU, Canada and the USA take actions against China over its treatment of Uyghur Muslims in Western China.

It is believed the system of camps hold over one million Uyghurs across 380 locations.

The Chinese government have continued to defend the camps as locations for “re-education”.

But the UN has been banned from visiting Xinjiang province where the Uyghur “re-education” camps are located.

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