'Carrot and blood' Sunday Brunch fans grossed out as Simon Rimmer cuts thumb while cooking

During the latest episode of Sunday Brunch, Simon Rimmer was demonstrating how to make a carrot curry salad when he ended up slicing his thumb, making it bleed. However, viewers were left less than impressed when Simon continued with the demonstration before putting a plaster on his cut.

Simon began the dish by slicing the onions before putting chickpeas and ginger into a bowl.

Although, things went wrong when he started grating the carrots.

“I don’t want to alarm you Joe (Suggs), but I’ve grated my thumb,” Simon began.

“If we actually have the standby team on for when I faint.”

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Another commented: “So rather than get a plaster, Rimmer is gonna carry on cooking – as the blood from his thumb continues to drip down his hand!”

A third added: “Curry carrots and Rimmer’s manky thumb flesh…”

In the end, Simon found a plaster underneath the counter as he commented: “Oh, the Hello Kitty ones have gone.”

Other viewers were left divided by Simon’s bizarre carrot curry salad concoction.

One fan tweeted: “Carrot curry? Oh, come on no one wants a carrot curry.

“Curry salad is a bridge too far,” another said.

More to follow…

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