Carole Middleton details adorable trait she wants to pass on to George Charlotte and Louis

The Duchess of Cambridge’s mother spoke to Good Housekeeping magazine for their April edition. Mrs Middleton was questioned about her career as a businesswomen, how she’d coped with the coronavirus pandemic and how she hopes to influence her grandchildren.

The future Queen consort’s mother has five grandchildren, three from Kate and two from her younger sister Pippa.

Their brother, James, is engaged though his wedding was postponed last year due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The interviewer asked Mrs Middleton “what do you hope to pass down to your grandchildren?”

She replied: “Probably a love of the country.

“I really see the value of being able to appreciate nature and be active outdoors.”

Asked “what sort of a grandmother” she is Mrs Middleton added: “I’m very hands-on.

“I want to run down the hills, climb trees and go through the tunnel at the playground.”

Kate gave birth to her first child, Prince George, in 2013.

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Speaking to the Daily Telegraph a family spokesperson said: “Mother and baby are doing well.

“She’s perfect, everyone is overjoyed at such a happy arrival.”

A friend of the Cambridges added: “The Duke and Duchess are absolutely overjoyed by the happy news.”

In 1987 Mrs Middleton founded Party Pieces, a company that specialises in selling supplies for children’s parties.

Asked by Good Housekeeping about business lessons she replied: “The biggest lesson I’d teach myself would be to be a bit braver; I was brave, but I could have been even braver.

“I could have expanded faster and done more.

“I was a bit cautious because I had a young family and responsibilities.

“But those who do well are willing to take risks.

“I should have listened to my instinct a bit more – but I suppose it’s all very well saying that now, as my age.”

Good Housekeeping’s April 2021 issue is out now and available at stores.

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