Carol Vorderman details Countdown's 'biggest viewer switch off' in show's history


She continued: “Question for YOUR shoutout….What do you remember most fondly from the 80s and 90s?

“One of mine might have been this! Whiters and shoulder pads.”

Earlier this year, Carol penned a heartfelt tribute to her late co-star to mark the 15th anniversary of his death.

She penned: “15 years ago today Richard Whiteley left our party.

“Together for 23 years, day in day out, we never missed a show. Thank you Whiters for the happiest of days from Series 1 to the day we parted. I loved you for all of that time and I love you still. Vorders.”(sic)

Carol Vorderman on BBC Radio Wales airs Saturday at 11.30am.  


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