Carol Kirkwood: BBC weather star admits her biggest career regret 'I wish'


Carol Kirkwood, 58, has been openly appreciative about how much she loves her job, no matter how testing her day to day routine can be. But there is one thing she regrets not doing throughout her career, and that’s keeping a journal about her exciting professional life.

Speaking to, she admitted her remorse that she didn’t pen down of all the “amazing” experiences she’s had over the years.

“My biggest regret is not keeping a journal,” she said.

“I’ve had the most amazing experiences through my job. I got to fly with the Red Arrows, skydive with the Red Devils and meet the Queen at Sandringham, so I wish I’d written it all down.”

On the topic of her job, Carol explained that in order to be TV meteorologist you must have a certain trait that will stand you in good stead for the role, something she’s very glad comes naturally to her.

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“Not a lot of people know this, but I’m very good at remembering things,” she said.

“When I’m on location I don’t have any prompts – no monitors, no autocue, nothing.”

The BBC star revealed when she’s on location, it’s not just the upcoming weather forecast she has to think about.

She continued: “I’ve got to remember where I am, who I’m speaking to and what I need to ask.

The telly star was stunned by the insinuation, telling Bill Turnbull on his podcast: “You think ‘No!’ You do radio, you do online, you do social media and you keep on top of all the weather as well,” she said, surprised.

“It’s a very busy schedule in the morning and it’s quite a quick turn around as well.”

She revealed the first thing she does is check the studio is “working”.

“I’m in there more or less by myself! And the weather studio we have in London is like broom cupboard and it’s self operated.”

Her busy morning continues as she plans her scripts, attends conferences to discuss the weather of the day and heads to make-up all before rushing back to her studio to do sound checks, final script analysis and then away she goes.

When Bill joked that the whole malarkey sounded “easy”, Carol had a few stern words for her former co-star.

“I remember you and I doing the weather together at one point, you were rubbish!” she snapped in jest.

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