Car S.O.S hosts transform classic VW Beetle for deserving owner affected by acid attack

The classic VW Beetle was purchased by successful businessman Andreas Christopheros as a project car a few years back. However, it became clear the car would not get back on the road due to its poor conditions and has sat under covers ever since.

They discovered the car’s roof had been removed while poor repair work underneath had left the car like a death trap.

Mr Shaw told “If you cut two walls out of a cardboard box it collapses and this is exactly the same thing.

“Back then when we did it, you chop the roof off a car and you just got in it and drove it and thought ‘it’ll be alright.

“But this car was literally folding itself in half, we put it on ramps and the wheels stayed on the ground and the rest of the car went up. It creased like a piece of paper.”

He added: “With a car like that we would have been better off starting with a regular Beetle and wizarding it.

“Structurally that would be a better way of doing it. But the issue we would be presented with is it’s not a viable business anymore, selling huge fibreglass panels for people who want to convert beetles.

“Although we would be able to make a standard Beetle have all the structural integrity ready for a Beetle, the panels you need like the huge swooping deck lid… those companies are no longer with us.”

Most of the work was conducted by Lee Southerton, owner of Volkswagen specialists VolksMagic based in Oldbury.

As part of the upgrade, the team needed to make sure all the cars rot had been cut out while a new floor, new seals and custom panels needed to be replaced.

After the structural work was completed, the model was fully remodelled with a new custom paint job. 

Mr Shaw said: “Andreas’ dad set up Run to the Sun. Now if you imagine in the air-cooled car world, Run to the Sun is as famous as Glastonbury.

“You would not have a classic VW without having been to or heard of Run to the Sun. It was sort of Mecca for the VW world.

“When Lee found out the car we were doing was for Andreas, he couldn’t believe he was getting within spitting distance of the people who set up Run to the Sun.

“It was jaws on the floor. These people have given their lives putting smiles on people’s faces for decades so what an honour to be doing up one of their cars.”

Season 9 of Car S.O.S is on National Geographic every Thursday at 8pm

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