Camilla gets squeamish in awkward video 'mixing vaccines' as she overcomes needle phobia

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, visited the Tottenham Vaccine Centre to meet with staff and to help prepare doses for visitors. Camilla was heard exclaiming she could not believe a small bottle provided six doses and was told only one bottle out of 50,000 had ever been dropped at the centre. But the royal was seen slightly distressed when staff members brought out injections as she previously revealed she had a fear of needles – but has received the AstraZeneca jab. 

Dr Russell Hearn who leads the team at the centre invited Camilla to take part in preparing vaccines which would be used on visitors. 

But a video shot at the centre showed Camilla taking a step back when an injection was brought out with Dr Hearn being heard in the background saying “Don’t worry it won’t go anywhere near you.”

The royal was handed a bottle with the vaccine and saline solution in it and was told to shake it several times. 

Dr Hearn told Camilla that the centre in North London was expecting to deliver its 50,000th injection this week. 

The Mayor of Haringey, Adam Jogee, extended an invitation for Camilla to visit the centre as he urges more people to come forward for their vaccine.

He told her: “It’s been amazing to see the hard work, the tenacity, the tears, the sweat that is going in to get everyone vaccinated.

“It’s a real pleasure that you are here to find out more about how we are getting our people safe.”

Camilla also visited Wightman Road Mosque in North London to see how the community was helping others during the pandemic. 

The Duchess of Cornwall revealed that despite her fear of needles she still went to receive her AstraZeneca vaccine in mid-March. 

She told volunteers at another centre that she “shut her eyes” and said she “hates injections”. 

Her husband Prince Charles was also seen at a vaccination clinic shortly after the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle interview with Oprah Winfrey. 

However, the Duchess was not asked her thoughts on the interview, unlike Prince Charles who was quickly ushered away when a reporter posed the question to him. 

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