Britons are tired of being branded Little Englanders! Carole Malone defends Union Flag row

The Jeremy Vine on 5 show erupted into chaos this morning over a discussion about a second plane for Prime Minister Boris Johnson which would have a Union Jack on its tail. Panellist and Express columnist Carole Malone defended the use of the Union Jack on the current jet saying British people are “really tired” of being labelled “Little Englanders” for their support of the flag. She went on to express her anger at Union Jack-cancelling Britons and said the Prime Minister cannot turn up to work in “EasyJet economy.”

Expressing her anger at Britons opposing the use of the Union Jack, Ms Malone highlighted the new plane is “not a Brexit plane.”

She added: “This is a plane with a Union Jack on its tail.”

“The same kind of Union Jack that every British Airways plane has on its tail as well.”

She highlighted how people across Britain  “are really tired” of being told that their support of the Union Jack “somehow indicates that they are racists and little Englander’s.”

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She added: “That is not the case.”

The veteran journalist went on to explain why it is important for Boris Johnson to have a jet to do business and continued to dispel the debate over the Union Jack’s usage. 

The Express columnist stressed: “Boris is going to be flying to various countries to do business, to do trade deals, to meet leaders of other countries.”

Concluding her argument she said the PM “cannot turn up for those meetings on EasyJet economy!”

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In an apology, Ms Munchetty said: “This does not represent the views of me or the BBC. I apologise for any offence taken. Naga.”

In the interview in question with Robert Jenrick, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, Charlie Stayt said: “I think your flag is not up to standard size government interview…measurements.

“I think it’s just a little bit small. But that’s your department really!”

When the camera returned to the studio Munchetty commented: “The picture of the queen,” but she was interrupted as Stayt wanted to explain his remark: “You’ll be aware, we’ve seen it [the Union flag] every day.”

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