Brie-lliant news! Brexit has UK cheesemakers choose new markets over EU to sell cheese

British cheesemakers are experiencing a massive increase in demand for their products. As Brexit export requirements tightened on British cheese, a new domestic market has blown open for cheesemakers as Britons choose to buy local cheese from high quality producers. The situation has also led to cheesemakers discovering new massively-growing markets abroad in the USA and Canada who want British cheese. 

Cheesemaker Simon Spurrell told CGTN Europe that his cheese company has been hit hard by the cost of new export certificates required to ship his products to the European Union.

But he said this has led to a new domestic market opening up to sell British cheese to British people, as well as a massively growing market in the USA and Canada that want British cheese.

He said: “What has actually happened is there has been a renaissance in looking towards all British producers recently.

“And I think people are actually realising the best cheese in the world was always on their doorstep.”

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Another cheesemaker, Rose Grimond, explained that sales of her cheese have grown massively and pointed to three main reasons, including Brexit, for why there has been a spike in demand for British made cheese.

She said: “Three main reasons would be Brexit and the difficulty importing continental, artisan cheeses.

“Another lockdown which has increased footfall to all producers like us from our local population.

“And thirdly I think an emerging trend of people really developing a greater appreciation of locally sourced small businesses like ourselves where the provenance is absolutely guaranteed.”

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But cheese obsessed boss Vickie Anderson and partner Ian Tomlinson adapted by rebuilding the website to stock more than 200 different products.

They are now doing around 250 orders per week online, with year-on-year e-commerce takings up tenfold.

Lisa Jacobs, Europe Managing Director at Funding Circle, explained how important small businesses such as cheesemakers are to Britain and said how 2020 was a “uniquely challenging year” for them.

She added: “SMEs make up 99.7 percent of all businesses and are responsible for 70 percent of job creation over the past decade.”

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