Brexit TRIUMPH: John Curtice reveals Leavers are determined to stay out of EU's clutches


Political scientist and polling expert John Curtice insisted the majority of Britons have not changed their minds on Brexit. While speaking to think tank The UK in a Changing Europe, Mr Curtice argued Brexit still remains a divisive issue. However, he added the overall attitude has been one of leaving the European Union.

He did note that there have been brief periods were polling and public opinion would suggest Britons did favour remaining in the EU but this was shortlived.

Mr Curtice said: “To conclude, very few of us changed our minds on Brexit.

“This is despite the intensity of the Brexit debates over the last four years.”

Mr Curtice explained that if there was a point that UK public opinion was swaying to Remain it was after the 2017 election.

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He said: “If we did change our minds at any point, the 2017 election was pivotal.

“It was not only pivotal in the history of Brexit in terms of Parliament but it looks as though it was pivotal in balancing public opinion.

“This was primarily because it helped instigate a shift of attitudes amongst those that did not vote back in 2016.

“This did raise doubts about whether there was a majority in favour.”

Despite calls for an extension and pause to the trade talks by the EU because of coronavirus, the UK has been insistent.

Last week in the House of Commons Mr Johnson argued the British public was tired of dealing with Brexit at this point.

Mr Johnson told Liberal Democrat co-leader Ed Davey: “The first point is I think the people of Britain are heartily sick of going on about Brexit.

“They wanted to get it done and we got it done.”


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