Brexit LIVE: UK vindicated as Ireland turns on 'draconian' EU – industry chiefs blow top

Brendan Byrne urged Charlie McConalogue, Irish Taoiseach Micheal Martin’s Minister for the Marine, to “do his duty” taking a stand for the industry – while lambasting the EU. The argument stems from the bloc’s decision to reverse a so-called derogation that allows crews to weigh their catches away from ports, with eurocrats citing alleged violations of the initial agreement.

French, Spanish and Belgian boats which also fish in Irish waters are not required to do likewise.

Brendan Byrne, the chief executive of the Irish Fish Processors and Exporters Association, told Tom McSweeney during his Maritime Ireland radio programme on RTE Mr McConalogue should “do his duty and stand up for the industry he is mandated to represent”.

He added: “The Irish sector has had no visibility of the body of evidence against it that led to this draconian decision.

“We are working in a completely blind way. The Commission has taken this decision and, obviously, there is information contained within that, but none of us has seen that.

“This has had a devastating effect on the fisheries sector.

“We need more visibility, because this is going to impact every level, at every sector of the fisheries in the next two years.

“There’s going to be no quick fix, and this is going to be a long slow slog back to normality.

“This body of evidence that no one has seen but it’s been compiled by someone that has led to a decision by the Commission to revoke our control plan.

“No one knows what we’re accused.

“We can defend our record on our plans, digitally and robustly and we will do that. But let’s see the charges against us.”

7.47am update: Joe Biden set to reignite anti-Brexit fury as UK-US special relationship unravels- insider

Joe Biden is set to reignite his anti-Brexit fury with the UK by pushing any bumper trade deal with Britain to the “backburner”, an insider has claimed.

A trade deal with the US is seen as one of the major targets for the UK Government but the President is set to extinguish any hopes of a deal in the near future as he refers to Barack Obama’s “playbook”, a Washington commentator has warned.

Despite the years of strong allegiance with the UK and special relationship, former executive assistant to Ronald Reagan, Peggy Grande claimed the new President will place the UK as a low priority on his list.

Although Mr Biden’s trade representative Katherina Tai held talks with Liz Truss this month, Ms Grande claimed it is unsure when a trade deal with the UK may become a priority for the President.

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