Brexit LIVE: ‘Snivelling’ Remainers ordered to stop ‘undermining UK’ over EU ‘blackmail’

Brexit: Expert discusses ‘importance’ of UK financial services

And Brexiteer Jayne Adye has said the ongoing attempts by the EU to bully Britain on the issue stemmed from a crucial failure in the original Brexit negotiations which she stressed had to be rectified in order for the country to move forward. Get Britain Out director Ms Adye said the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement, passed into law this week by the European Parliament, was riddled with faults.

However, of these, the failure of the Agreement to include any settlement over the future of the Financial Services sector was the most glaring, exacerbated as it had been by a lack of publicity.

She explained: “This lack of interest from the majority in the media, the Remain-biased ‘snivelling’ Civil Service, as well as in Government, is largely why the EU has evidently bet on in its attempts to undermine the economic potential of the United Kingdom outside the European Union.

“Just a few weeks ago – after years of negotiations – it was announced the United Kingdom had come to a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ on Financial Services’ access to both the UK and the EU market.

“However, while this may sound significant, in reality all this ‘Memorandum’ does is show both sides “…have agreed to talk about the issue further” in a set format.

Michel Barnier

Michel Barnier wants the City to play by EU rules (Image: GETTY)

“It brings zero change to the challenges faced by the UK’s Financial Services sector!”

Ms Adye added: “We have let the EU get away with a trade deal in goods which overwhelmingly benefits EU Member States, while securing nothing for the Financial Services industry.

“This was a crucial failure in the negotiations, rooted in the mistakes made by the former ‘Remain’ Prime Minister, Theresa May.

“As a country we should never have talked about any trade deal in goods in the first place unless the EU first agreed to grant permanent access to EU markets for the UK’s successful Financial Services sector.”


12:30am update: Stronger, safer & greener! Boris sparks ‘extraordinary chapter’ as he hails Brexit freedom

BORIS Johnson last night insisted he is “laser-focused” on delivering Britain’s Covid recovery as he dismissed the Downing Street flat row as a “farrago of nonsense”.

Polling showed the Tories are still way ahead in the polls at 44 points to 33 despite Labour attempts to use the costly revamp to dent the Prime Minister’s popularity.

Mr Johnson said he has used the 18 months since the general election to pass 44 bills to make the country stronger, fairer, safer and greener.

But the Prime Minister said there is more to do as Parliament broke up ahead of next month’s Queen’s Speech.

11:30pm update: Brexit nightmare as EU companies threaten to abandon UK – ‘Won’t know what’s hit them’

EU COMPANIES have threatened to abandon the UK after British businesses have struggled with the new regulations imposed under Boris Johnson’s Brexit trade deal.

The UK Government has delayed implementation of inspections of EU food entering Britain until autumn this year in a bid to avoid any food shortages.

Representatives from the food sector have warned about the “nightmare” situation of new paperwork and rules which have come into effect under the trade deal.

Karin Goodburn, director-general of the Chilled Food Association, warned EU food manufacturers are threatening to abandon the UK after British companies struggle with the new regulations.

BORIS Johnson press briefing

EU companies have struggled with new regulations imposed by Boris Johnson (Image: Getty Images)

Oliver Trapnell takes over from Bill McLoughlin

9.42pm update: Brexiteer claims UK is ‘not yet sovereign’ after minister ‘was forced to beg’ EU for help

A fundamental “flaw” in the Brexit deal means that the UK is not completely sovereign and instead will have to “beg” the EU, according to Ben Habib, a former Brexit Party MEP.

Ben Habib, a former Brexit Party MEP, has suggested that “the UK is clearly not sovereign” despite Brexit.

He pointed out a “fundamental flaw” in the deal which means the UK has “had to go begging” the EU in order to deal with problems in Northern Ireland.

Speaking to Mike Graham on talkRADIO, Mr Habib pointed to a recent exchange between Kate Hoey and David Frost in the House of Lords.

8.08pm update: Britons vow to boycott EU as companies threaten to abandon UK in Brexit revenge plot

Britons have vowed to boycott EU products following the latest threats from European companies to leave the UK in a bitter plot to exploit Britain.

Following the changes to trade conditions for companies trading in the UK, some businesses have vowed to pull out of Britain to avoid the added customs checks.

Amid this bitter Brexit plot to pressure the UK, readers have now declared they will boycott all EU products in response.

Commenting on the story, one person said: “What they are really saying is that UK customers are buying more local products and are doing as I’m doing boycotting EU products where I can.”

Brexit news

Brexit news: Five moments which led to Brexit (Image: Express)

7.05pm update: Look again, Boris! Rebel MPs demand ‘urgent’ Brexit deal action – fury at red-tape chaos

Tory MPs have called for Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal to be “urgently” looked at following months of red-tape chaos caused by exports.

Tory and Labour MPs on the House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee (EFEA) made the judgment in their Brexit Impact Report.

The report examined the state of Seafood and meat exports to the EU following the end of the 2020 transition period.

In the report, MPs warned the new non-tariff barriers introduced by Brexit “continued to hinder businesses, in particular SMEs.”

6.05pm update: Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal torn apart by Labour Leave insider as Hartlepool vote looms

Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal has been torn apart by the general secretary of Labour Leave in an exclusive interview with, as the Hartlepool vote looms.

As anticipation for the election grows, in an exclusive interview with, Labour councillor and general secretary of Labour Leave Brandon Chilton has criticised the trade agreement the Prime Minister struck with the EU.

He said: “I am still very concerned about the deal Boris Johnson negotiated.

“Part of our country has essentially been carved off: Northern Ireland.

“There is a border down the Irish Sea and people trading from Great Britain to Northern Ireland are experiencing extreme paperwork.

“We are also seeing violence in Belfast and other cities, and while I don’t attribute this to the Brexit deal, I do think it is a contributing factor.”

Brexit Live

Brexit live: A timeline of events leading to the UK’s exit (Image: Express)

4.18pm update: Poots has backing from DUP politicians 

Following Arlene Foster’s resignation, the campaign manager for Stormont minister Edwin Poots has claimed he has received the endorsement of the majority of politicians in the Brexit-supporting party. 

The vote to choose who succeeds Arlene Foster is carried out by a small electorate, comprising only of the party’s elected representatives in Stormont and Westminster.

On Saturday morning, MLA Paul Frew, who was announced as Mr Poots’s campaign manager on Friday, claimed the Agriculture Minister has received the majority backing of their MLAs and MPs.

Currently, Mr Poots remains unchallenged in his bid to become party leader.

However, it is thought likely that Sir Jeffrey Donaldson will announce his candidature in the coming days.

Sources close to Sir Jeffrey dispute the claim from the Poots’ camp that he has received the majority endorsement of the party’s electoral college.

If the party’s Westminster leader does throw his hat in the ring it will be the first contested leadership race in the DUP’s 50-year history.

Mr Poots posted a video on social media on Saturday morning.

He said: “I’ve been speaking to my campaigner manager this morning and it was great to hear the news that he has confirmed that the majority of the electoral college is behind my bid for the DUP leadership.

“That’s something we are going to build upon over the course of the next week.”

Brexit: Sandell hits out at ‘disgraceful’ lack of Norway deal

3.24pm update: We’re desperate! French fishermen ‘struggling to live’ beg UK for access to British waters

France’s most senior fishing official has urged the UK to urgently honour post-Brexit fishing commitments over fishing licences.

In the latest step on the UK in a bitter fishing row, the most senior officer in France’s fishing ranks spoke out claiming many are finding it “very difficult to live”.

French fishermen say they are being prevented from operating in British waters because of difficulties in obtaining licenses.

They began a protest movement last week by blockading trucks bringing fish from Britain to France, saying that only 22 boats out of 120 from the Boulogne-sur-Mer port had obtained a licence for British waters.

But the Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs (Defra) disputed the claims stressing 87 French boats had received licences for fishing within six to 12 nautical miles from the UK coast.

Bill McLoughlin takes over from Ciaran McGrath. 

1.15pm update: Foster thanks wellwishers after resignation

Arlene Foster has thanked the hundreds of people who contacted her with “generous messages” after she announced she will step down as DUP leader later this month.

She tweeted: “Thank you to the hundreds who have been in touch with such generous messages and a special mention to those who sent these beautiful gifts.

“You don’t know how much it means to me and you are all so kind.”

Discontent at the DUP’s Brexit strategy was a major factor in the move against her, with party rank-and-file laying some of the blame for the emergence of an Irish Sea border at her door.

12.30pm update: ‘Total disgrace!’ UK Fisheries CEO blasts Boris’ ‘disastrous’ failure to secure vital deal

The CEO of the UK’s Fisheries has unleashed a scathing attack on Boris Johnson and the UK Government’s failure to secure a fishing deal with Norway labelling it a “total disgrace” in a furious rant.

Jane Sandell told Sky News’ Ian King that Britain’s failure to secure a fishing agreement with Norway has resulted in the UK losing rights they had held for decades.

Ms Sandell also slammed the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs for not listening to the UK’s fishing industry.

Ian King asked: “Why did the UK fail to roll over the agreement it had with Norway as part of its EU membership?”

Ms Sandell replied: “Who knows? Frankly, it is a black day, a total disgrace that Defra has not even managed to maintain the right that the UK has had for decades never mind get any Brexit bonus.”

12.07pm update: ‘Toothless joke’ EU’s von der Leyen & Michel mocked for Putin attack: ‘Do something!’

EU leaders Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel have triggered scorn on social media over their condemnation of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to ban eight EU officials from entering Russia – with users suggesting the bloc would be better off focusing on action rather than words.

Senior figures including David Sassoli, President of the European Parliament, and Vera Jourova, the deputy president of the European Commission which Mrs von der Leyen leads, are on the list released by the Kremlin yesterday.

A joint statement issued by Mrs von der Leyen, European Council President Mr Michel and Mr Sassoli himself said: “We condemn in the strongest possible terms today’s decision of the Russian authorities to ban eight European Union nationals from entering the Russian territory.

“This includes the President of the European Parliament David Sassoli, Vice President of the European Commission Věra Jourová, as well as six EU Member States’ officials.

11.23am update: Not over yet! Boris will ‘pay the price’ for dropping ball on EU finance deal

Boris Johnson has been warned he cannot afford to sign up to a deal with the EU on financial services “at any cost” – and will “pay the price” if he does.

Brexiteer Jayne Adye delivered her stark message for the Prime Minister during her weekly bulletin for the Get Britain Out campaign, of which she is director.

Financial services is one key area where the relationship between the EU and the UK have yet to be finalised – and Ms Adye told Mr Johnson he could not afford any weakness.

She said: “The EU – and specifically French fishing vessels – rely almost entirely on securing their catch in the United Kingdom’s waters – to the detriment of our own fishermen all around our own coast who are suffering.”

Arlene Foster

Arlene Foster resigned as DUP leader and First Minister earlier this week (Image: GETTY)

10.41am update: ‘Let me finish!’ Ex-Brexit Party MEP rages at Remainer James O’Brien in heated fishing row

Former Brexit Party MEP June Mummery was involved in a heated exchange with LBC’s James O’Brien over the UK Government’s failure to secure a good post-Brexit deal for Britain’s fishing industry.

During a fiery interview on LBC, June Mummery erupted at James O’Brien, demanding that the radio host let her finish her point.

The former Brexit Party MEP also criticised Boris Johnson and the UK Government for not delivering on their Brexit promises to the UK’s fishing industry.

Ms Mummery said: “I thought our Prime Minister, our Government were going to take back control of our waters.

“If they had done that, we would be in a very different position.”

The LBC host interjected: “But I explained to you in 2018 why that was impossible.”

The former MEP replied: “Oh James, please just let me finish.”

10.24am update: ‘Disgrace’: VDL’s ‘hostile’ Brexit punishment threat exposes EU chief’s ‘insidious menace’

Ursula von der Leyen’s speech in the European Parliament this week was bristling with hostility towards the UK – underlying her “insidious menace”, a Brexiteer has warned.

Leigh Evans, editor-in-chief of the pro-Brexit website, was commenting on the European Commission President’s remarks on Tuesday after MEPs finally ratified the trade deal signed by Boris Johnson in December, finally enshrining the previously provisional deal in law.

In it, she said: “The Agreement comes with real teeth – with a binding dispute settlement mechanism and the possibility for unilateral remedial measures where necessary.

“Let me be clear: We do not want to have to use these tools. But we will not hesitate to use them if necessary.”

9.40am update: UK played a blinder! EU nations urged to copy Brexit Britain’s ‘smart’ move on vaccines

Brexit Britain was right to ensure all British residents were vaccinated before sharing vaccine doses with the EU and others in the bloc should have done the same, claimed Rutger van der Noort.

The founder of the Nexit Denktank think tank defended Boris Johnson’s Government’s decision to keep AstraZeneca vials for the UK population before agreeing on vaccine exports to the EU.

Mr van der Noort argued Brexit Britain “played smartly” in the fight against coronavirus and lamented Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte should have done the same with Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

The Dutch eurosceptic, who hopes the Netherlands will soon join the UK outside the Brussels bloc, told his country is always on the losing sides of the so-called solidarity principle flaunted by EU chiefs.


AstraZeneca developed its jab in conjunction with Oxford University (Image: GETTY)

9.20am update: Brexit chaos – Expats ‘being discriminated against’ as EU-UK row boils over

Brexit has led to anger from many British expats in Europe as one claimed to have been “discriminated against.”

New rules post-Brexit mean Britons who were once able to enter and leave European countries on a whim will be limited to stays of 90 days within every 180 days.

Those wishing to register as residents in Spain will have to jump through a number of bureaucratic hoops to prove earnings of £2,000 a month — and £500 more for each dependent — as well as acquire Spanish driving licences. Many have even left their European homes and headed back to the UK.

Earlier this month, one expat told The Mirror that Britons abroad are being “screwed over”.

8.47am update: Boris ‘takes back control’ of City from EU as Brexit Bill passes in ‘major milestone’

A landmark bill allowing ministers to “take back control” of financial services has become law in a boost for the City of London.

The Financial Services Bill outlines how the UK will regulate the sector outside of the EU and will secure the UK as a global hub for the finance industry.

The legislation, which has just received royal assent, amends existing laws in 17 areas, including banking rules and benchmarks.

The laws include changes to help people struggling with problem debt and an extension of the maximum criminal sentence for market abuse from seven years’ imprisonment to 10.

8.40am update: Brexit POLL – Should Boris threaten to cut off EU from City in finance deal ultimatum?

When it comes to the City of London, arrangements for its post-Brexit relationship with the EU have yet to be settled – so today readers are being asked: Should Boris Johnson play hardball by threatening to cut the EU off from one of the world’s foremost financial centres?

Despite the predictions of doom-mongers in the wake of the 2016 referendum, the much-anticipated exodus of finance jobs to Frankfurt and Paris has so far failed to materialise.

The Prime Minister yesterday received a timely boost after the Financial Services Bill became law after receiving Royal Assent, amending existing laws in 17 areas, including banking rules.

John Glen MP, Economic Secretary to the Treasury, commented: “For the first time in decades, the UK has full control of its own financial services regulation.”

David Sassoli

David Sassoli, President of the European Commission (Image: GETTY)

7.35am update: British expats clash over Brexit: ‘If you voted Leave, keep your gob shut!’

Brexit has led to tensions between British expats as new rules plunge many into uncertainty.

British expats in Europe have become concerned as the Brexit trade deal agreed last year leads to seismic changes to life abroad.

Now, like all other foreigners from outside the EU, Britons who were once able to enter and leave European countries on a whim will be limited to stays of 90 days within every 180 days.

Those wishing to register as residents in Spain will have to jump through a number of bureaucratic hoops to prove earnings of £2,000 a month — and £500 more for each dependent — as well as acquire Spanish driving licences.

7.17am update: EU economy shaken ‘to the core’ but Brussels chief says ‘more Europe’ is only solution

The coronavirus pandemic shook the EU’s economy “to the core” according to David Sassoli, President of the European Parliament and a leading Eurocrat.

Much of Europe is battling a third coronavirus wave aided by the EU’s slugging vaccine rollout.

Speaking to German newspaper Augsburger Allgemeine Mr Sassoli, an Italian politician, admitted the bloc has taken a big hit.

However, he controversially argued the EU’s coronavirus response has been a success and called for “more Europe” to confront future challenges.

7.10am update: Sour grapes! EU to ‘scapegoat’ UK for VDL chaos – bloc terrified of Brexit domino effect

Britain will be made into a scapegoat for the European Union’s failings for years to come, an MEP has warned.

German MEP Gunnar Beck said jealous eurocrats would attempt to pin the blame on the UK for the bloc vaccine shambles and slow economic recovery after the pandemic.

And he warned if Brussels refuses to cool tensions with Britain other countries could soon quit the EU.

He said: “If we assume that the recovery won’t be as rapid and dramatic as many had hoped, then the EU will be looking for scapegoats because its not in the habit of acknowledging mistakes, especially Ursula von der Leyen.”

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