Brexit LIVE: Boris given days to secure 'our laws, borders, cash and fish' or lose No10


On Monday, Britain warned “time is very short” to bridge the several significant remaining gaps on key issues in talks with the European Union, as Brussels’ chief Brexit negotiator Michael Barnier prepares to head to London on Wednesday for further talks. Talks had collapsed at the European council summit earlier this month, but British ministers are no claiming real progress is being made, increasing the likelihood of a deal between the two sides. Progress has been made on competition guarantees including state aid rules, but the biggest issue remains fisheries – Mr Johnson has insisted on taking back control over Britain’s waters while the EU wants continues access.

But Brexiteer and former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib ha warned in a tweet: “We are in the final days of determining what sort of Brexit Boris Johnson will deliver.

“The political consequences of not taking back control of our laws borders cash and fish would be vast.

“It would promote Keir Starmer to Number 10.”

Mr Habib had earlier warned a Brexit betrayal, on top of the economic damage of the lockdown could spell curtains for the Conservatives.

He said: “Unless a new political force emerges, we’d better get ready for a Starmer government in 2024.

“Boris made a contract with the British people to take back control of our laws, our borders, our cash and our fish that the United Kingdom would leave the EU whole and intact.

“That is a much more important contract than the withdrawal agreement. He needs to choose between the British people and the European Union. And he needs to ditch the withdrawal agreement!”

In a direct message to Mr Johnson, fellow Brexiteer Martin Daubney had also warned: “We’ve been patient. We’ve been subservient. We did what we were told but the lockdown.

“We’re waiting for action now. On Brexit. Don’t let the country down!”


8am update: House of Lords prepares to strip out controversial parts of Internal Market Bill

The legislation is undergoing detailed line-by-line scrutiny from peers, and is scheduled for four days of consideration at committee stage.

Several cross-party amendments have been tabled to eliminate clauses linked to the most contentious part of the Bill, which gives ministers the power to breach the Withdrawal Agreement brokered with the EU last year.

The amendments are in the name of Lord Judge, a former lord chief justice, shadow attorney general Lord Falconer of Thoroton and Conservative former leader Lord Howard of Lympne.

Liberal Democrat Lords leader Lord Newby and the Bishop of Leeds, the Rt Rev Nick Baines, are also among several others supporting some of the cross-party proposals.

Labour has suggested peers could hold votes at committee stage this week to remove these sections of the Bill rather than waiting for report stage.


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