Boris urged to stand firm and NOT cave to EU demands over Northern Ireland Brexit deal

Earlier this month, officials from both sides have been involved in “technical talks” over checks on food, plants, and parcels going from Britain to Northern Ireland. In mid-March, the EU launched a legal case against the UK over Britain’s extension of the grace period for checks on supermarket goods travelling from Britain to Northern Ireland. A UK Government spokeswoman said: “Technical engagement with the EU in relation to the Protocol had continued over recent days and we remain in regular contact at all levels.

“The discussions have been constructive but there are still significant differences that need to be resolved.

“Both the UK and EU are engaging with business, civil society, and other stakeholders in Northern Ireland, to understand the issues they are facing.

“The UK remains committed to working through the outstanding issues in order to restore confidence on the ground in Northern Ireland, reflect the needs of communities and respect all dimensions of the Belfast Good Friday Agreement.”

Now the EU wants the UK to accept a new deal where they want Britain to align with the bloc’s food standards in order to reduce border checks on goods to Northern Ireland by 90 percent.

Those who said “no” to accepting a new EU deal amounted to 3,293 people, and only 157 people said “yes” to such a move.

The small amount who said “don’t know” came in at 44 people.

Commenting on the poll one reader said: “No, No, No and NO!

“Of course not.

“We all know that anything that comes out of Brussels is of about the same level as Mememarkle.

“It cannot be trusted.

“Not for one second, EVER!!”

However, one reader thought that Northern Ireland should be given “independence”.

So they can “choose to be in the EU and/or unite with south”.

Whilst another thought caving into an EU deal would be the wrong thing to do.

The reader said: “The EU is still using NI as a weapon to beat the UK with, any acceptance of any EU rules and regulations keeps us tied to its tentacles.”

The poll was conducted on April 13 2021 from 1.11 pm to 8.00 pm.

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