Boris Johnson urged to scrap WHOLE withdrawal agreement and follow WTO by Labour leaver


The UK is currently in a transition period that keeps it bound to the EU’s rules until December 31. The two sides have been trying to negotiate a new trade deal that would come into effect once this period ends, but talks on the future relationship have been deadlocked for months. With less than four weeks to go, the Government’s plan is now to rewrite elements of the withdrawal agreement agreed last year in order to prevent the EU from being “abusive” to Britain.

Downing Street described the Internal Market Bill as a “vital legal safety net”.

However, the move has enraged Brussels and prompted a fresh rebellion within the Conservative Party.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has set Prime Minister Boris Johnson a three-week deadline to ditch his plans or face financial and trade sanctions.

In an exclusive interview with, Ashford councillor and general secretary of the Labour Leave campaign Brendan Chilton urged the Prime Minister to take an even more radical approach with the bloc.

He argued Mr Johnson should scrap last year’s Brexit deal entirely.

Mr Chilton said: “The withdrawal agreement was nonsense under [former Prime Minister] Theresa May.

“It is nonsense now.

“We need to tear it up.

“The whole negotiations were meant to operate under one principle: ‘nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.’

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“If that happens, that is just flicking the domino and rest will fall. They are not gonna be easy to us.”

However, Mr Chilton believes Britain will ultimately get a deal.

He explained: “It will happen probably around late November time, and it will be presented by the Government as a huge triumph.

“But when we read the fine print, will it be satisfactory? Will it be Brexit?

“I don’t think so.”


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