B&M stocking Cadbury chocolate flavour never seen in the UK before

Excited shoppers noticed B&M is now selling Cadbury Neapolitan. This three layered chocolate had previously only been found in Australia.

Meanwhile, the Mint Creme bar combines Cadbury’s much-loved milk chocolate with a mint flavoured creme dotted with crispy mint pieces.

B&M posted the picture alongside the caption: “Has anyone else spotted these tasty Cadbury UK bars in store yet?! (originally from Cadbury Australia!)

“They’ve just made an appearance, alongside a wider range of exotic #chocolate bars, so they’re well worth picking up next time you pop in for an essential shop.”

The store also shared a picture of the reintroduced Dairy Milk Top Deck.

The new products will be available at all of the fast-food giant’s restaurants from 5 May until 15 June.

One of the new items is a customer favourite, a burger called the Bacon Clubhouse Double. Another item to be added to the menu is the Chicken Deluxe Sandwich.

The third item to be introduced to the menu is another product that McDonald’s has previously offered to customers – Cheese and Herb Melts.

The McFlurry’s to return to the menu are the Galaxy and Galaxy Caramel flavours.

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