Bitcoin: Baby Boomers, Generation X & retirees 'excited' by cryptoassets but risks abound

This, according to analysis from deVere Group, has caught the attention of Baby Boomers, Generation X and retirees across the board.

Nigel Green, the chief executive and founder of the firm highlighted the development following a global poll of clients aged over 55, which found that 70 percent of those surveyed are already invested in digital currencies or are planning to do so this year.

deVere group explained that last weekend, Bitcoin topped $57,000 (£40,000), which gave it a total market capitalisation of over $1trillion (over £700billion).

In recent days, Bitcoin prices dipped slightly, bringing its cap down to around $900billion, (over £630billion) but Nigel noted this is unlikely to hamper interest: “Despite this week’s drops, the Bitcoin price has still soared by almost 360 percent over the last 12 months, partly fuelled by endorsements made by Tesla billionaire Elon Musk, amongst others, and growing interest from institutional investors

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