Big Bang Theory plot hole: Young Sheldon storyline creates major Amy and Sheldon blunder


The user explains: “I would like to say that I know this is a very small detail and I dont want to diminish the excellent writing skills that made these two great TV shows. I just like finding these small inconsistencies. Enjoy…..

“In TBBT, a scene has Sheldon showing the group his backpack with various things for safety in the bathroom including, a handheld mirror ‘to avoid pervs’, a multilingual poster that says ‘occupied’ and a whistle which apparently Amy gave to him.

“This contradicts the Young Sheldon episode where Paige, Missy and Sheldon go to the mall,

“He shows them his backpack, he says it includes: ‘Earplugs to drown out the crowd noise, wetnaps to wipe down escalator hand rails, a compass, a map of the mall and a whistle incase [I] get lost or get approached by a woman holding a perfume bottle.'”


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