BBC Weather: Freezing fog to engulf Britain as sub-zero blast returns NEXT WEEK

BBC Weather’s Owain Wyn Evans explained the UK will generally see bright sunny spells with clear skies over the weekend. While day temperatures remain around 10-12C, the UK will turn cold at night and in some parts below freezing. While parts of the country are enjoying blue skies, mist and fog are expected to come on Monday which will drop the temperature once more. 

Mr Wyn Evans said: “We’re opening the curtains this morning and we’re seeing plenty blue sky overhead and not wall to wall blue sky, however.

“Variable amounts of cloud bubbling up, bit breezy across western parts of Scotland, much of England and Wales and the northeast of Scotland.

“Dry and bright but thanks to that weather front, some patchy rain and clouds into Northern Ireland or western parts of Scotland. 

“11 or 12 Celsius our top temperatures today everyone. 

“Now as we look ahead through towards this evening, it’s a very similar story quite similar to last night. 

“Clear skies overhead for many of us, I think we’ll tend to see more in the way of mist and fog patches forming, very difficult to pinpoint exactly where they’ll be but I think southeastern parts of England rural parts potentially seeing these as well.

“And temperatures dip in close to, if not below freezing once more, probably not quite as chilly as last night but still quite cool up there tomorrow morning. 

“So the mist and fog patches quite reluctant to clear many places I think today and tomorrow.

“Now on Sunday night and into Monday, we see the return of those dense mist and fog patches becoming more of a feature in fact, as we look a bit deeper into the crystal ball if you like.

“Over the next couple of days, you can see the map turning grey. 

“And I think our temperatures falling close to freezing looking a bit foggy first thing on Monday morning. 

“But the high pressure is nearby staying there through towards the middle of next week.”

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