BBC reporter hits out at EU nations for suspending AZ jab over blood clot fears ‘No link!’

Nick Triggle told BBC News that that 17 million Europeans have received the AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine and there have been less than 40 instances where blood clots have been reported following the jab. The BBC correspondent added that on average there are 3000 patients seen for blood clots in the UK alone each month and in no relation to the coronavirus vaccine rollout.  

Mr Triggle said: “When we look at the evidence there have been more than 17 million people vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine across Europe and there have been fewer than 40 instances of individuals having blood clots after they have had the vaccine.”

He added: “When you vaccine millions of people it is quite likely that things will happen afterwards that would have happened anyway.

“If we look at the UK there are more than 3000 patients with blood clots each month.

“So in this data, there is no signal there is a high rate after vaccination than there is in the general population which would be a key alarm bell.

“There is no biological mechanism that would mean the vaccine is likely to cause blood clots and so it has surprised vaccination experts that individual countries are taking this step.

“After all the World Health Organisation, the European Medicine Agency and the UK Drugs Regulator are all insistent that there is no link between the vaccine and blood clots.”

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