Baking soda for cleaning: Why you SHOULDN'T mix bicarbonate of soda – best cleaning hacks

Baking soda’s alkaline properties mean it reacts with acidic substances, and you should make the most of this when you’re cleaning. 

Mr Brook added: “The alkaline properties of bicarbonate of soda can also be used to react with acidic substances like White Vinegar.

“By mixing white vinegar and bicarb, you are causing a reaction and the two will neutralise each other.

“In some instances, the reaction may be desirable and have benefits – such as chemistry experiments for kids or dislodging debris in sink drains.”

However, the tips about making a paste with bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar are “misguided” according to Mr Brook. 

He said: “Bicarb is an excellent deodoriser and surface cleaner on its own.

“It can be used neat with a damp cloth or if you do desire a paste, just add a little hot water.”

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