Attendance Allowance: Britons could receive over £4,600 in yearly support – how to claim


Britons will need to have certain information to hand, including:

  • Their National Insurance number
  • Name of GP and address of GP’s surgery
  • Details of medication a person takes
  • Details of anyone else a person has seen about their illness or disabilities in the last 12 months

Within the Attendance Allowance claim form, people will be required to fill in details about their illness or disabilities.

This will include how long they have had their illness or disability, and what medicines they have been prescribed – including the dosage.

Potential claimants will also need to provide the DWP with consent to speak to their GP for information about a claim.

Finally, questions about accessibility are also included within a claim, for example whether a person sleeps upstairs or downstairs, and where their bathroom is located in the home.


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